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35 high score movies

35 high score movies in 2019 were selected for everyone, including 10 sections: plot, comedy, action, love, science fiction, suspense, crime, biography, history and fantasy.

The scoring data and number of people are from Douban. Because everyone's viewing taste and favorite style are different, I will briefly introduce the general plot of each film, and tell you the characteristics and highlights of each film as much as possible, so that you can choose a movie that suits you.

1、 Plot (9)

1. The Irish

Martin Scorsese, the director of this film, ranked second among the 100 great directors in the history selected by foreign media, and Steven Spielberg was third. This is a gangster crime film created by Martin and the most excellent actors of his time (three Oscar winners: Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Joe Percy). The average age is 75+. It uses CGI age reduction technology to fully present the stories of gangster youth, prime age, and old age. It lasts three and a half hours, It is interesting that Martin Scorsese once said that Marvel's film was not a film, which caused a great sensation. Later, he also wrote a long article in the New York Times explaining that this old film artist felt powerless to the current film market, and some heroes were sad at the end of their life. Therefore, it is not too wrong to say that this film is the movie in Martin Scorsese's mind (cinema).

If you understand the following points and can accept them, it is worth seeing:

1. From the perspective of Frank, a World War II veteran, he told the story of organized crime in the United States after the war

2. This is not a contemporary film designed for the mainstream big screen, but a film that conveys emotions and psychological experiences to people.

3. Expose the subtle complexity, contrast and humanity of gangsters, and pay attention to emotional and spiritual enlightenment.

4. There are few words about the romantic life of gangsters. There is no typical violence and blood splashing. These characters who started with darkness are swallowed up by darkness.

5. The narrative style is in the form of eloquence, without dramatic ups and downs, and the more you see it, the more you will feel.

2. Marriage Story

"Marriage Story" won the most 6 nominations at the 77th Golden Globe Awards. There is no doubt that this film will become one of the hottest candidates in the 2020 Oscar battle. The two stars are respectively the widowed sister Scarlett Johnson and Adam Dreyfer, the actor of the villain Carolyn in Star Wars. The actor in the play is a drama director, and the actress is an actor. The two people live separately in New York and Los Angeles because of their work, resulting in a divorce story with different ideas.

If you are still interested after reading the following points, don't miss them

1. You will find the shadow of your love in this film and be deeply moved by the true feelings.

2. The difference between the two people is more about the deviation of spiritual pursuit. In order to fight for the custody of children, they would not hesitate to take the marriage to court.

3. A work aimed at personal life, with exquisite and moving acting skills and a sense of substitution, filled with many humorous and sad details.

4. After reading this, you will have a deeper understanding of marriage. Sometimes, when two people love each other, they appreciate each other, rely on each other, and really understand each other, they may still end their marriage, which makes people sad and helpless.

3. Clown

The Golden Lion Award, the highest honor of the Venice Film Festival, has set a precedent in the history of diffuse film and is the most profitable diffuse film.

It tells the story of a talk show comedian who was in trouble in his life in the 1980s and gradually went to a spiritual collapse. He began a crazy criminal career in Gotham City and finally became Batman's old enemy, the "clown".

See if the following points are acceptable. If they are relevant, take time to check

1. There is no sky shattering plot, no action special effects, and the drama is based on the heart, which is extremely persuasive and infectious.

2. The tone of the whole film is dark, the psychological endurance is not strong, and the empathy ability is strong. After watching it, you may be very depressed!

3. If you are a negative and pessimistic person, you'd better not watch this film because it causes depression.

4. A person at the bottom of the society who was cut off from his family, killed the same kind, embraced the devil, fell into the devil's way, and became a fanatical criminal, so he also gained his audience and stage.

4. Young Qiao Qiao's Fantastic World

"Thor 3" is a new work of public praise brought by the ghost director and his widowed sister Scarlett Johnson. It tells the story of a German child who grew up in the atmosphere of World War II and changed his ideas under the influence of people and things. Joe Joe is an active member of the Hitler Youth League. He found that his mother hid a Jewish girl at home. In the process of establishing friendship with the girl, he discovered the truth of the Nazi Party and gradually learned about love and compassion.

Tell me about the characteristics of this film, and see if you like it

1. Look at prejudice and discrimination in the world from the perspective of children, and show absurd and crazy mixed effects of sadness and joy.

2. A satirical comedy about some serious problems in a serious period.

3. Black humor plays are absurd, cynical and heavy, with tears and shining human brilliance.

5. Jin Zhiying, born in 1982

A film that was boycotted by Korean male chauvinists but won the box office champion. According to the adaptation of the novel of the same name, it is said that as long as Korean female stars are close to this novel, they will be scolded and cursed by male power netizens. The hero is Ggong and the heroine is Zheng Yumei. It's a story about an ordinary woman born in 82, who lives an ordinary life as a full-time wife after marriage and giving birth to children, and also longs for independence.

1. From the perspective of herself and her surroundings, we can learn that there is seemingly no discrimination against women in the society, and we are aware of the deep-rooted social concept and gender bias. This is a film that reflects the plight of most ordinary girls in daily life.

2. In her, you can see the epitome of every married woman who can't give consideration to her career and family. Women will get hurt because of the ubiquitous prejudice in the society. After falling down again and again, they will stand up firmly and move forward with hope.

3. The phenomenon reflected in this film is not limited to South Korea, but should be the situation of most countries.

4. Life is not easy for both men and women, and this is a complex problem that cannot be solved in a short time.

5. It is not suitable for people with extreme male and female attitudes who do not know themselves.

6. Parasites

Cannes Film Festival, the first Palmed'Or Award in Korean film history, is directed by Feng Junhao. His representative works include Memories of Murder, Snow Train, and Han River Monsters. It tells that the eldest son of the unemployed Kiser family applies to the home of the president of the middle class as an extracurricular tutor. After gaining the trust of the rich family, he tries his best to put the whole family into the rich family and start a parasitic life.

1. Its story is wonderful, from which you can learn about the huge gap between rich and poor and the class barrier that is hard to break.

2. The narrative rhythm of the film is very good, without procrastination, and it is exciting to watch all the way.

3. The film shows too much about the theme. First, the problem of class is inherently complex, and there is no absolute right or wrong person. Second, the director, in order to magnify the reality, more or less exaggerated in social phenomena and human nature compared with China's national conditions, which is not suitable for friends who usually like to watch popcorn movies. When watching, take a correct value as a reference, and more thinking and reading will be fruitful.

7. Pain and Glory

The award-winning film of the Best Actor of the Palmed'Or Golden Palm Award, a Spanish plot film, or a semi autobiographical film of director Amodova, tells that a director was tortured by illness and emptiness in his old age and could not continue to direct his work. He began to look back on his life, including the important people he met in his life.

1. Very obvious Amodova style, with colorful screen colors impacting the vision.

2. Use a plain way to interpret strong emotions, and when people are old, they will be frank about their vulnerability and accept their true selves.

3. There are many lines in the narrative, because it presents the memories of most of my life, but it will not be confused.

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4. This film calmly analyzes the director's life and finds the balance of returning to life in pain and glory.











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